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On average, an online resume gets about 10 seconds of a recruiter’s time. What if yours enjoyed so much more of their time?


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A great user experience

We make resume building a fun and enjoyable process. We offer tips and tricks to bring out the best professional you.


Information structure

Present your entire career history in a concise and user-friendly manner.


Clever & unique design

Stand out visually as an applicant in any stack of resumes.


Know your know-how!

Limited space motivates you to focus on the details that truly define you as a professional.


Time saving

Providing only the information that matters, ensures your online resume gets the recruiter’s full attention – not just a cursory glance.

Cover Letter

Need a custom cover letter? As we work on launching this feature, we’re still here to help! Simply send us an email at hello@reedact.com and we’ll build one for you.

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