Mastering the hiring process: Essential tips for career advancement

At Reedact we believe that every hiring process is a two-way street – employers look for candidates who can perform the needed tasks and fit the organization, and candidates look for an organization that will support their development and share their values. It is a two-way communication process where both sides learn about each other in order to make sure they are a good fit.

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Mastering the hiring process

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Hiring process checklist: things to consider when job hunting

In this candidate journey, we would like to shape your way of thinking and encourage you to approach the hiring process from a slightly different angle. Remember, it’s a journey, and every journey just like every candidate, has its own story. Let’s look into your journey and see how we can help you build your own successful one.

Before applying for a job

  1. Create a concise, informative and clear CV.
  2. Make sure the information on your CV and professional social media platforms (LinkedIn, Xing etc.) is up to date.
  3. Define your career aspirations with 3-5 essential criteria for your future role in the context of the hiring process, and ensure you’re prepared for a virtual interview as well.
  4. Analyze job advertisements thoroughly to ensure alignment with your aspirations and the hiring process requirements.
  5. Do research about the company you want to apply for.

Priorities in the selection process

  1. Be prepared to speak about the company you’re applying for, as it is essential to meet the recruiter expectations during the interview process.
  2. Do not badmouth your past employer and past experiences; communicate politely and respectfully.
  3. Provide concise and clear answers and be mindful of time; remember about the STAR model when answering the behavioral questions.
  4. Engage actively by seeking clarification on any doubts related to the hiring process, ensuring you have insightful questions for the interviewer.
  5. Make and keep notes of the interviews – they will help you analyze your recruitment experience afterwards.

Actions to take after interviews

  1. Follow up with a thank you note to the recruiter. If you want to thank the whole interview team, you can request the recruiter to pass your ‘thank you’ to other colleagues.
  2. Analyze how you did at the interviews and assess if the job meets your aspirations.
  3. Evaluate your impressions of the company, noting any red flags in their hiring process.
  4. It typically takes up to two weeks for the interview team to make a recruitment decision. Follow up with the recruiter after two weeks if there’s no response, as a proactive step in the hiring process.
  5. Continue your job application process– you never know what’s hiding behind the corner!

According to a 2022 report by SHRM, 79% of organizations use automation and AI in their recruitment and hiring processes. This widespread adoption is primarily due to these tools’ ability to save time and increase efficiency, with 85% of professionals reporting these as the main reasons for their use. These statistics reflect a growing trend in the HR field towards leveraging technology for more efficient recruitment strategies.

Empowering Candidates: Valuing the People Behind the Process

There are plenty of resources supporting recruiters and hiring managers in the hiring process, however what about the candidates? At the end of the day, it’s the people who build the organization and are its most critical and valuable asset, with every individual bringing a particular – and equally important – set of skills, competencies, and values.

Following this principle, our goal is to make your hiring process as smooth and painless as possible. Ultimately, this leads to securing your dream job and finding a better-suited work environment.

How do we do this? We bring a twist your future recruiter’s experience by:

  1. Building a CV that helps you organize the information you deem worthy into a single page format, guaranteed to attract attention and hold it long enough to land you an interview.
  2. Flipping the hiring process by focusing on you and your recruitment journey as a candidate.

Have a look at the available documents, including the job description, and stay tuned for the additional content we will publish shortly regarding the selection process.

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