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Job Application Process: Steps To Follow For An Easier Approach





During your job search journey, you’ve probably noticed that different organizations require you to submit different details throughout the application process. Job applications look harder than they actually are. An employment application is usually the first step towards a successful process. More important, if you read the advertisement carefully, it will show you how to get a job. 

Parse your resume
Get your cover letter ready
Focus on the required fields
Attach the required documents
Avoid stressing out about pre-employment tests
Remember your account credentials
Make yourself noticed!

As much as we’d love for you to only go through smooth and quick applications, the reality is that many organizations, particularly multinational corporations, have a global applicant tracking system in place (ATS). This requires you to create an account and fill in numerous fields. With an 80% drop off rate when it comes to job applications (Glassdoor, September 2019, 5 Keys to Driving Candidate Experience), companies and recruiters do realize the requirements may be frustrating and annoying to candidates. Nevertheless, due to the system constraints, there’s nothing much they can do. Thus, next time you go through an employment application, keep in mind the following few tips, which will hopefully make the experience positive.

Step 1: Parse your resume


A lot of systems have the resume parsing function enabled. Whenever possible, start your applications by uploading your resume. The applicant tracking system should automatically fill in a number of fields, based on the data on your resume.

Step 2: Get your cover letter ready

One of the steps to getting a job is, besides providing your resume, having a cover letter that truly stands out. A well-written cover letter is an opportunity to impress by showing your interest, enthusiasm, hard and soft skills or knowledge. That’s why, we encourage you to carefully create a template for the letter. Our recommendation is to also customize it for every role you’re applying for.

Step 3: Focus on the required fields

how to get a job

It happens frequently that due to its system design, an organization can’t remove fields from the application process. However, they are able to make some fields optional. This shows that the company wants to improve the candidate’s experience. Therefore, if you see optional fields when applying for a job, don’t worry and feel free to skip filling in the information that is not required.

Step 4: Attach the required documents

Consider your resume template as a basic paper you need to share with the hiring company. It’s usually the first document a recruiter looks at. SO! it’s important that your resume is written in a clean and professional manner. 

Depending on the organization you’re applying for, you might also be asked to provide additional documents. These documents may be:

  • Cover letter (we talked about it above).
  • Written references.
  • Other diplomas/certificates.

So, before you start your working on your job applications, make sure you have all the copies of the required documents ready.

Step 5: Avoid stressing out about pre-employment tests

Along with other selection procedures, companies sometimes use pre-employment tests in order to screen applicants. These include skill assessment tests, personality or cognitive tests. This is because both the organization and the candidate want to figure out if they’re a good match. When taking such tests, either online or in-person, be prepared, confident, relaxed, and professional.

Step 6: Remember your account credentials

Sometimes lengthy and frustrating, the process of creating your candidate account and applying through the company’s system has its benefits. Remember that by logging into this account, you can easily keep track of your applications and monitor their status in real-time.

Step 7: Make yourself noticed!

Make yourself noticed!

A secret to making yourself easily noticed by the employer throughout the job application process is sharing your unique knowledge. For doing this, you’ll need to research the organization, its history, values, and the people interviewing you. Maybe you discover that you went to the same college as your prospective team leader. Maybe one of your future co-workers is an award-winning professional. Having this unique knowledge under your belt will make it easier for the employer to notice you!

Also, you should be able to show how you’d make the company better. For example, if you’re applying for a job at a multinational company, you can come up with some innovative ideas. Such actions show you’ve thoroughly researched for the interview, but also demonstrates initiative.

How to get a job isn’t exactly a piece of cake, especially when the company you want to work for has an elaborate employment application process. Fortunately, by following the steps and tips above, you can save yourself plenty of time and effort, as well as have everything required on hand. Plus, our one page resume will immediately help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Best of luck!

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