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At Reedact we want to offer you the best showcase for your professional skills and achievements. Therefore we are fully transparent regarding the cost of our services. That is the only payment you will make at Reedact. Ever.

When you sign up for your Reedact resume, you will receive an email with a template to be filled in. Based on your career path and what you wish to highlight, you choose the information you want to present to the recruiter.

Are you are sure you have everything right? Send us the template and our team will get to work on your resume. Once it’s ready to go, you will receive a secure payment link together with a draft version of it. All you have to do is make the one-time payment and your final version will arrive neatly in your inbox, in PDF format, ready to be sent to potential employers.

We offer secure online payment by card and you will be provided with both your Reedact CV and an electronic invoice.


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