1. What are the Reedact resume sections?

We aim to create an all-encompassing approach to your career journey.
The sections you will fill in create the best reflection of your professional history: contact details, personal photo, education, certifications, knowledge and tools, main skills, career history and achievements.

2. How will I receive my resume?

You can download your resume anytime directly from the application, either from the preview page or after saving it.
If the resume is not saved, when you will try to download it from the dashboard, you will receive a notification message, asking you to do so.

3. How much does the resume cost?

We are fully transparent regarding the cost of our services. 15.95 EUR is the only payment you will make for your resume. That is all and that is all it will ever be.
We invite you to find your more about our pricing policy here.

4. Payment

Online via card, through EuPlătesc (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard).
By choosing this method of payment, you will have to fill out a form with your card information in the payment processor’s secured payment screen.

  • Debit/credit card payments under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) will be made via the “3-D Secure” system developed by organizations that ensure the same level of security for online transactions as that present in an ATM or between user and seller.
  • “3-D Secure” ensures that no information pertaining to your card is transferred or stored at any point in time on the store’s servers or the payment processor servers as they are directly submitted in the Visa and MasterCard systems.

Good to know: for card payments no commission is charged.

5. How many changes can I make?

You can modify your resume as many times you like, even if it’s not unlocked, without paying anything extra.

6. Can I create resumes in different languages?

Yes, you can build your resume in English or Romanian, based on the jobs and companies you are applying for. It will not cost you anything extra.

7. Should I add a photo?

Yes, and we reccomend a picture that best represents your professional self.
To make sure it’s the perfect fit, we recommend a .jpg format having at least 500×500 pixels and under 1 Mb.

8. Can I import my details from an already existing resume?

At Reedact we want to help you become more than a resume!
So have a look over your old one and decide what stays and what goes. Maybe you don’t need endless pages of job descriptions or the high school you graduated. Focus on what sets you apart and remove anything that makes you blend it!

9. Where does my information go?

This site is operated by Sharevents Global SRL and hosted on a server owned by Host-Factory.ro.
We are very clear and transparent about your personal information in our Terms and conditions or Privacy Policy.

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